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There's a difference between like and love. Because I like my Skechers but I love my Prada backpack”


— Bianca Stratford

Bianca Stratford
The First Time Bianca Is Introduced into the film
The First Time Bianca Is Introduced into the film
Vital statistics
Hair Blonde
Age 15-16
relationships Cameron James (Boyfriend)

Joey Donner (Ex-Crush)

Education Sophomore in high school
Family Dr. Walter Stratford

Katerina Stratford

Portrayed By Larisa Oleynik

Bianca Stratford is Kat's younger sister and foil; Shrew.


At the beginning of the film Bianca is portrayed as the stereotypical brand-obsessed teenage girl as she gushes over her Prada Backpack. Throughout the film she maintains an emphasis on appearances and brands. She is considered one of the most popular girls at her school and is frequently sought after by guys, most notably Joey, her sister’s ex-boyfriend.

Bianca’s greatest desire is too be seen as a socialite and to become the most popular girl in school. Her only (mentioned) friend, Chastity, later betrays her in favor of dating Joey. Throughout the movie she has a friendship with Cameron who has expressed his feelings for her, and eventually they date at the end of the film after Cameron confronts her for being selfish.

Bianca used to hate her sister for preventing her from being able to date, even though Kat said she was only agreeing with the rule to prevent Bianca from being taken advantage of by a guy.