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About: 10 Things I Hate About You is a 1999 Teen romance/comedy film. It has also been adapted into a TV series that was aired on ABC.

Summary: The plot is adapted from William Shakespeare’s play The Taming of The Shrew. Bianca Stratford is a popular and pretty sophomore who is obsessed with dating and is frequently sought after by guys. Her overprotective father has a rule that Bianca can only date a guy when her sister does. Kat Stratford, Bianca’s older sister, is considered the most undesirable girl in school because she is a hyper-feminist, a non-conformist, and is known for being rude and snarky. Bianca is pursued by Cameron James, who is a new student to the school, and he asks her out. Discouraged by her father’s rule, Cameron and his friend Michael set out to find a suitable boyfriend for Kat so that Bianca will be allowed to date him. The movie is centered around Patrick’s countless attempts to woo Kat before she finally accepts his love and they begin a relationship.

The Movie Characters

The TV Characters

 Cameron James
Cameron James (Nicholas Braun)
 Joey Donner
Joey Donner (Chris Zylka)